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Analog For The People: Synth Master Tatsuya Takahashi On Engineering Fun
A few words with one of the most inventive minds in music tech, on making tools anyone can use
NPR • The Record • 2017

NPR Music 10 // 2014 Mini-Essay: Apple Discontinues The iPod Classic
NPR Music 10 // 2013 Mini-Essay: Seeing Fall Out Boy Live
NPR • All Songs Considered • 2017

Children Of The Con: Tegan And Sara's Decade Of Influence
Fourteen artists, one for each song, explain how Tegan and Sara's touchstone album changed them
NPR • All Songs Considered • 2017

Migos Rapped A Children's Book. It's Funny, But It Makes Perfect Sense
The trap trio and the author of Llama Llama Red Pajama share a love for the sensuous contours of language
NPR • The Record • 2017

Join The Black Parade: My Chemical Romance And The Politics Of Taste
To toast an iconic album's 10th birthday, an essay and conversation about listening while black
NPR • The Record • 2016

Being Aaron Burr: Leslie Odom Jr.'s Year Of Empathy
A conversation with the Hamilton star, whose life changed the moment he saw a villain as a human being
NPR • The Record • 2015

Two Punks on Identity and Paying Bills
Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and Lauren Denitzio of Worriers talk sexism, success and survival
NPR • All Songs Considered • 2015

Can’t Follow The Beat? Just Add Butter
A brief introduction to polyrhythms, featuring The National’s Bryce Dressner and drummer LaFrae Sci
NPR • All Things Considered • 2014

Waxahatchee: A Lonesome Voice, Raised In Basements
Twenty-four hours with songwriter Katie Crutchfield, on the eve of a breakthrough
NPR • Weekend Edition Sunday • 2013

Music, The Food of ‘Amour’
Michael Haneke’s film about love at the end of life uses music sparingly but crushingly
NPR • The Record • 2013

‘Mellon Collie’ Mystery Girl: The Story Behind an Iconic Album Cover
Decoding the fine-art mashup on the front of The Smashing Pumpkins' landmark album
NPR • The Record • 2012

Bedroom Dancing: Le Tigre By Accident
On mixtapes, young love and the development of taste
NPR • All Songs Considered • 2012

Cherry Picking Pop Music’s ‘Good Parts’
The moments that make good songs great, in and out of context
NPR • All Songs Considered • 2012

Millions of People Go By: Doug Aitken’s ‘Song 1’ Distills City Life
How a piece of public art used a pop song to bind the lives of strangers
NPR • The Record • 2012

Full Disclosure: Fugazi’s Best Live Moments, Remembered
An very incomplete oral history
NPR • The Record • 2011

Don’t Burn Out, Don’t Fade Away, Just Close Up the Shop
The last days of Double Dagger, a band that lived and breathed Baltimore
NPR • The Record • 2011

Meet Indie Rock’s Most Valuable Sideman
From Beirut to Feist to The Antlers, woodwind ace Jon Natchez is everywhere and nowhere
NPR • The Record • 2011

Our Band Could Be Your Life, Still
Ten years later, artists weigh in on the book that's become a DIY bible
NPR • All Things Considered • 2011

Live in Your Living Room: You Book The Bands
On the mutual benefits of house shows
NPR • The Record • 2011

Why ‘We Are The World 25 For Haiti’ Failed
The charity single, well-meaning and-star studded, felt stuck out of time
NPR • The Record • 2010