selected roundtables and two-ways

Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Solo'
On the origins of the galaxy's original rebel boyfriend
NPR • Monkey See • 2018

Pop Culture Happy Hour: A Superteam Assembles To Talk 'Justice League'
If you like your valleys uncanny, have I got a CGI-enhanced resurrected superhero for you
NPR • Monkey See • 2017

NPR Music 10th Anniversary Podcast: 2015
On Sufjan, Tomatogate, "Alright" and Hamilton
NPR • All Songs Considered • 2017

NPR Music 10th Anniversary Podcast: 2010
On Kanye's deliverance, emo's fourth wave and The Beatles on iTunes
NPR • All Songs Considered • 2017

Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Rogue One' And 'La La Land'
Star Wars gonna star war, showbiz is rough, The First Wives Club is better than you remember
NPR • Monkey See • 2016

Just What Is An Album? In 2016, That Was An Open Question
On how a string of unconventional pop records warped the album's very definition
NPR • All Things Considered • 2016

Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Pete's Dragon' And Kids And Their Monsters
Of scary monsters and nice sprites, from E.T. to Hobbes to Snuffleupagus
NPR • Monkey See • 2016

All Songs Considered: Takeover Edition
A bizarro episode of the foundational music podcast, in which the host is me
NPR  • All Songs Considered • 2016

Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'X-Men' And Supervillains
On the fractured mutant timeline and bad guys who fail to practice good mise-en-place
NPR • Monkey See • 2016